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Portable Steam Cleaning

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Exclusively Yacht and Condominium

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EYC Provides Complete Compact Portable Mobile Dockside Interior Boat Detailing Steam Cleaning Spot & Stain MOLD Removal plus Water Extraction Services. EYC Interior Boat Detail service will Steam Clean and remove MOLD from your Yacht or Boat Interior, High Rise Condominium, Estate Home, Luxury Auto or Aviation from the penthouse (top) to Bottom (1st floor) Bow to Stern Cockpit to complete Fuselage of your aircraft EYC saves you time on your Interior Steam Cleaning services. 
EYC prefers American Built ECLIPSE Compact Steam Cleaning Machine by Clean Craft. The Industries most Comprehensive Steam Cleaning Floor Extractor Machine Available on the World Market.
: Over 500psi (Steam Cleaning) completely adjustable for a soft gentle Steam Cleaning extraction as well as a more aggressive Steam Cleaning Extraction.
: 2 onboard Heaters! adjustable
: 85 gallons per minute of Water Extraction for (Sinking or Listing) Vessels:  3 vacuums= 249" of (Water Lift) Fastest Drying Time!
: (Non Toxic) Chemicals  
: Time saving Re-route technology!!! typically (5000sqft) or more
 EYC provides a proper Steam Clean Boat Detail Spot and stain removal service anywhere saving you time.
EYC provides Industrial Power in a Compact Portable Steam Cleaning Machine for your Dockside Yacht
Boat Detail as well as High Rise Condominium Estate Home Luxury Auto or Aviation

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Portable Dockside Condominium Steam Cleaning & Boat Detailing

Carpet, Upholstery, Hardwood, Tile and Grout Restoration

Exclusively Yacht & Condominium provides Quality Boat Detailing Dockside Compact Portable Steam Cleaning Disinfectant Spot & Stain Removal service. EYC Steam Cleans Yachts High Rise Condominiums Estate Homes Luxury Auto & Aviation. EYC provides Helpful Professional Sanitation with covid-19 virus and germ killing Disinfectant Sanitation care. South Florida Residents and Professionals deserve a unique specialized High Rise Condominium, Boat Detailing Dockside Steam Cleaning service. In place of misleading Industrial Truck Mounted Equipment that is incapable of servicing any Estate Home larger then (9000sqft) or for that matter above the 3rd floor of any High Rise Condominium. High Rise Condominiums are completely off limits for a truck mounted machine do to a limitation of a 300ft hose while losing 60ft or more from just the drive way or parking alone the extraction hose simply cannot reach throughout the entire Steam Cleaning area. Please Contact Exclusively Yacht & Condominium Steam Cleaning Boat Detailing today to learn more about our helpful time saving Portable Steam Cleaning & Spot Removal Sanitation Disinfectant Dockside Services.

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Portable multi-propose High Rise Condominium Steam Cleaning Assuring a Clean Sanitized Disinfected home


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Odor And Stain Removal


Dockside Portable Interior Steam Cleaning Carpet Upholstery & Sanitation including MOLD removal and Covid-19 Virus killing Disinfectants


Hardwood Portable Steam Cleaning Restoration including Sanitation with Covid-19 Virus killing Disinfectant


Tile and Grout Restoration seals Sanitizes disinfects against COVID-19 killing viruses and germs on contact

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